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Warrior IM Survey Results
Getting More From What You Already Have…
Sep 12

Here is a video of the results from the Warrior IM Survey…  Please post any questions or comments that you may have below.

 Some of the results are general in nature…some of the results are of no great surprise - But others could shape the way that products and services are aimed at this market…

Here are some of the general findings - For more detail watch the vid.

1. Even though many of the people who answered the survey state they have been working online for a number of years, many of the respondents are looking for ways to make a CONSISTENT income online.

2. The main areas that people wanted to gain more information and expertise were Traffic Building, List Building, Product Creation, Copywriting and Conversion and Business Automation.

3. The main questions that people would like answering were about how to get more traffic and how to get a consistent income step-by-step.

4. The answers given pointed to the IM crowd being one that looks for instant gratification, which was shown by the way they prefer information delivered to them i.e. instant downloads, online videos and email over ‘hard copy’ sent to their home address.

5. Respondents all pay a premium for services and products on a monthly basis, and would be prepared to pay for the right product or service (membership) in the future if it provided them with the information / expertise mentioned in 2 above.

6. It seemed that many of the respondents were part time internet marketers - So ways to automate their business would be welcome.

7. The Internet marketer that most people would like to get inside the head of was……John Reese.

8. The products and services that have helped the respondents most was of course Warrior Forum (not surprising as this IM survey was completed by WF members) - Following on from that were a number of software tools, information products and two forums - see video for details.

Anyway - Have a look over the video and let me know if you have any questions or there are any observations you would like to make…



2 Responses to “Warrior IM Survey Results”

  1. Sean Davis Says:


    Incredibly insightful… Thanks for sharing this Richard.

  2. Elisa Brown Says:

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